Current SIGs

Sharpening-Honing and Moxon Vise

At the February 2016 meeting, Jack Schwass announced two SIGs he is hosting in his home workshop in Nepean, one on sharpening and one on the construction of a Moxon vise. He has room for about two people so contact him as soon as possible if you're interested.  You can reach Jack by email at

Hand Tool Group

Since January 2015, Vic Tesolin and Andrew Strome have been running monthly meetings dedicated to hand tools in woodworking: their use, maintenance, creation, history, and so much more.  Meetings take place on Third Tuesdays at My Urban Workshop. Complete information about the Hand Tool Group is on the HTG page (click the HTG tab at the top).

Background Information
The OWA Special Interest Group (SIG) Program was established to enhance the knowledge and skills of individual OWA members through participation in a group, which focuses on a particular issue of interest. By way of example a SIG could be set up to study and craft pieces of a particular furniture period. The potential list of topics is limited only to the interest level and enthusiasm of the membership.

How it Works
Potential SIG topics may be proposed by any OWA member to the Executive through an email to Once received, the Program Coordinator will screen the proposal to ensure there isn't already a similar SIG already active. Details of the proposed SIG will then be posted onto the OWA website SIG webpage and Facebook page, inviting members to join.

The member proposing the SIG will normally act as the Moderator until such time as the SIG meets and elects its Moderator, from among its members. The Moderator's primary responsibilities will be to:

- lead the SIG members in establishing their group's objectives
- help keep the group on track with its objectives
- keep the SIG Program Coordinator aware of developments, a few times throughout the year
- coordinate the SIG's updates presentation(s) to the OWA General Membership at monthly meetings at appropriate times throughout the year

Objectives, Meetings and Expenses
The SIG members themselves will establish their group's objectives, the frequency of meetings and what, if any expenses there may be. Expenses could include paying for materials the group may elect to purchase in bulk, or perhaps a book on the particular focus topic the SIG is studying. Any expense the SIG may incur is the group's responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Is there a Charge for Joining or Participating in a SIG?
SIGs are run by and for the OWA members themselves who constitute the SIG. The SIG as a group will decide what, if any financial expectations there may be, and look after its own expenses.

2.  When, Where and How Often the SIG Meets?
This is up to the SIG members to decide, however meetings will not normally be held during OWA General Meetings.

3.  Who Decides the SIG's Objectives?
This is up to the SIG members to decide.

4.  If I have a Question, Comment or Concern about the SIG Program or have a proposed SIG I'd like to see set up, what should I do?
Contact the OWA Program Coordinator through and they will get in touch with you.