At the January 2016 meeting of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association, Club Secretary Paul Mahood passed out wallet-sized membership cards to all registered members who were there. The desire to have membership cards came about because Wayne Richardson, Public Relations Officer, has approached several businesses to secure discounts for members of the OWA.  At the February meeting Wayne announced a range of discounts -- they vary depending on the item -- from Ottawa Fastener Supply.  Discussions in the works include a supplier of our favourite material.  Hint: It should, but doesn't quite, rhyme with "food".

As is said, membership does have its perks. Here are some of ours:

Included in the cost of membership is a free subscription to the electronic version of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.  Members will have to specifically request the subscription from the OWA Secretary every year because, whereas it is free of charge to the members, the club does have to pay a per-subscriber fee for it.  But that's all, you just ask for it and it's yours.  Thanks to Vic Tesolin for securing the subscriptions.

Mark Allen (no, not our Mark Allen, the other Mark Allen) has agreed to a discount to card carrying members of the Ottawa Woodworking Association.  He carries General International and King among other lines, and can probably order from other manufacturers.  He also carries used and refurbished machines.  If you're looking for something specific, maybe Mark can find it for you.  Thanks to George Fouriezos for setting this one up.

At Preston Hardware, our membership cards entitle us to present ourselves to the Contractor's Counter. This means discounted pricing for certain labeled items. We thank Wayne Richardson for setting this discount up.

Ottawa Fastener Supply has provided us with a schedule of varied discounts depending on the item.  Thanks go to Wayne Richardson.

As a member of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association, you will get an early opportunity to register for Woodworks 2016, the woodworking conference to he held in Perth at the end of September in 2016.

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