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Maybe you came here looking for something in particular, or maybe you stumbled onto this site and got curious about its various pages.  Or maybe you're an OWA member and have a specific suggestion, either about club activities or about improvements to this site.  Whatever brought you here, no matter.  We want to learn how this site or the club activities can be improved. 

We want suggestions from OWA members, new, old, and potential.  Of course suggestions from existing members will be considered carefully, but it's also interesting to learn that someone would join if only the OWA did this, or that, or something else.  Who knows, maybe the thing a not-yet-member finds lacking is the very thing current members would want changed too. 

Use the comment section below as a public suggestion box.  Unlike a physical suggestion box where comments are private, anything written in the comment field below will be published as part of this page.  That means that anyone with a computer or mobile device, around the world, will be able to read your comments.  If you want to suggest something privately to the OWA Executive, email instead.  But if you have an idea that other OWA members might find resonant, jot it down here.  Others can join in with their own comments, and, who knows, maybe launch a movement.

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  1. Should the OWA webmaster consider adding a page that members can post job opportunities, work requests, private wood sales etc. As far as I understand at the moment if we hear of anything we need to email the offers in, and at some point at meetings or on Facebook the notices get posted. These methods are not reaching a high percentage of our member base in a timely manner.

    As the Facebook admin I do not hear about any offers that are emailed to the group. I do try to email in any offers I hear about on the Facebook group, but after that I do not know if the offers are passed on to the member at the meetings. I feel a page here on the website where any member can quickly post offers would be helpful, but would also be a risk for spam or bots.

    I do feel the media side of the OWA needs a better way to communicate news in an efficient manner. -Jessica Abbott, Facebook Admin