Danny Proulx Award

Danny Proulx apprenticed with his father and an English cabinetmaker trained in the old school methods. His mother was a professional photographer.

Danny and his father were among the first North Americans to adopt and adapt European cabinetmaking methods primarily in the area of kitchen cabinets. During his convalescence after his spinal surgery, Danny became extremely bored being unable to work in his shop. His wife suggested that he write a book to keep himself occupied. The result was "Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets". It was a success and lead to a second career as a writer.

Book Titles by Danny Proulx

The Complete Woodshop Guide
Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets - Second Edition
Danny Proulx's Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Building Frameless Kitchen Cabinets
How To Build Classic Garden Furniture
Building Modern Cabinetry
Building More Classic Garden Furniture
Display Cases You Can Build
The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book
Danny Proulx's Toolboxes and Workbenches
The Perfect Edge - The Ultimate Guide Sharpening for Woodworkers
The Kitchen Cabinetmaker's Building and Business Manual
Danny Proulx's 50 Shop-Made Jigs & Fixtures: Jigs & Fixtures For Every Tool in Your Shop
Building Frameless Kitchen Cabinets Course Pack (a detailed training package for instructors)
Simply-Built Furniture
Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Danny also took the hundreds of photographs included in his books. His shop, with its special lighting was also the photograpy studio.

Danny became a valued member of the Algonquin College staff, teaching cabinetmaking to full time and part time students. He was an excellent instructor, able to explain complicated concepts in a simple straightforward manner.

Danny became a prolific writer not only of books but of articles on cabinetmaking for both woodworkers and professional cabinetmakers. He also wrote a regular column in at least one commercial cabinetmaking publication.

It was during his tenure at Algonquin that he became involved in the organization that would later become the Ottawa Woodworkers Association. He was instrumental in changing the informal group of woodworkers into the organized group that it is today.

Throughout all the foregoing, he continued his kitchen business (albeit on a reduced scale) and his cabinet supply business, retailing quality hardware and tools to customers all over Canada and the US. Through his web site (http://www.cabinetmaking.com), he answered thousands of questions on cabinetmaking. The web site, hardware business, book sales and questions are still maintained by his former student Luc Rousseau (who has gone on to become a cabinetmaker and teacher in his own right).

Sadly, Danny suffered from a heart attack at the 2004 Ottawa Wood Show. He would have been proud of the advancement of the association and the accomplishments of the members and his students.

He is still sorely missed.

About the Award

The Danny Proulx Memorial Award was created to honour his memory and to recognize outstanding contributions toward the advancement of the association.  Through to the 2014-15 season, the Danny Proulx prize was awarded by the team of Jack Schwass and Henry Russell.  In 2015-16 Brian Greene undertook the duty in consultation with the club executive.  In 2016-17 Brian continued his role in awarding the DPA by leading a task group formed of past DPA recipients.  If you think someone deserves this year's award, nominate him or her by getting the ear of any one of the gold-framed badge wearers.  That's what the gold frame around one's name badge means; it designates a DPA recipient.


The first recipient of the award (for 2005-6) was Robert (Bob) Demers for his unstinting work as the Program Director.

As one of the two instigators of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association and two term President, Chris vanderZwan was presented with the award for 2006-7 for his advancement of the association.

Paul Mahood, President, was granted the 2007-8 award for his outstanding work as President.

Marty Schlosser was the recipient of the 2008-9 award primarily for his work on the inaugural (and very successful) Wood Objects juried competition.

Two-term President Jacques Jodoin received the 2009-10 award for his accomplishments aimed at improving the association's relevance, not the least of which was the development of the mentoring program.

2010-11  Brian Greene
The winner of the 2010-11 Danny Proulx Award is Brian Greene.  Apart from his exemplary work on the executive, his (and his wife's)  work on the hand tool fest at Adams and Kennedy (the wood source) and the first two iterations of Woodworks were pivotal to the success of these events.  The foregoing, along with his unstinting support of the club, caused the committee to choose him for the award.

Gary Devries, whose membership dates back to the earliest OWA meetings, has consistently contributed to club proceedings and activities, not only through his active participation but also as a builder, host, SIG participant, and schlepper of goods.  For so many out-of-the-spotlight contributions, Gary received the 2011-12 award.

2012-13  Karen McBride
Karen McBride spent two years as club Vice President and Program Director.  As Program Director she organized and contributed to meeting proceedings.  During her tenure she set new standards for meetings, culminating with a special presentation in April 2013 by Chris Schwarz.  Karen was presented with the 2012-13 Danny Proulx award in June 2013 by Jack Schwass.

In the 2013-14 season two Danny Proulx awards were bestowed.  The regular award, under the normal stewardship of Jack Schwass and Henry Russell, went to past president Vic Tesolin.  His mandate as president took the club into new directions, two highlights being the Chris Schwarz presentation and the 2014 Woodworks conference.  The second award was secretly orchestrated by the OWA Executive who wanted to recognize Jack Schwass's unflagging contributions since the club's very beginning, but who also appreciated that Jack would never nominate himself for a DPA.  And so, once Jack awarded Vic the DPA, he was called back to the stage to receive a Danny Proulx award of his own, leaving him uncharacteristically speechless.

The 2014-15 award went to George Fouriezos for his behind-the-scenes contributions to the technical life of the club in the form of committee participation, updating and maintaining this website, and wrangling audio-visual aspects at club meetings.

In 2015-16 Wayne Richardson was the deserved recipient, acknowledging his contributions of multiple meeting presentations, service as the Public Relations Director of the OWA Executive, planning and delivery of the 2014 Woodworks conference, and chairmanship of subsequent Woodworks committee meetings.

Who's to get it in 2016-17?