OWA 2015-16 Regular Dues

The OWA annual membership fee is $50.  It provides participation in club activities from September of one year to August of the next including a one year subscription to the electronic version of Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement beginning in January.  Non-members may attend one or two meetings -- ask for a guest pass -- before deciding whether to become members.  Paying dues can be done using PayPal at this web page or in person at meetings.  It is important that renewals be done at the beginning of an OWA year, around September, so that the Membership Secretary can distinguish continuing members from those who have left the club.

HTG 2015-16 Regular Dues

With the administrative amalgamation of the Ottawa Woodworkers Association and the Hand Tool Group, it is now possible to pay dues for membership in HTG only ($30) or for a combined membership in both the OWA and HTG ($80) as well.

New Member Joining Late?

If you are new member joining us late in the OWA year, from January through June, then you are entitled to a rebated membership depending on how much of the year has passed.  This does not apply to late renewals, only to those joining the OWA for the first time.  Instead of using PayPal here, pay Paul Mahood, the Club Secretary, or Roger Chan, Treasurer, with cash or a cheque at the next meeting.

Student Member Dues

Full-time students may join the OWA at a reduced annual fee of $25, the HTG for $15, or both for $40.  Students who join or renew through PayPal should present their student cards to the club secretary at the next meeting they attend. 

Dues Payment via PayPal

Click the down caret at the right end of the 2015-16 Dues Menu, the upper one, to choose one among six choices:
  • Regular dues OWA alone ($50)
  • Regular dues HTG alone ($30)
  • Regular dues OWA-HTG combo ($80)
  • Student dues OWA alone ($25)
  • Student dues HTG alone ($15)
  • Student dues OWA-HTG combo ($40)
Please use the lower menu to tell us whether you are a returning member of the OWA, joining the OWA for the first time, or paying only the HTG dues.  This will let the club secretary know whether to have an OWA name badge made for you.

Once you have selected the membership type and indicated whether you are returning or new, you may click the Buy Now button to complete payment using PayPal.  If you have already paid for one membership and now wish to join the other, just go ahead as though you're joining only the other. A human with a high functioning nervous system will make sense of it at the other end of this web page.
2015-16 Dues Menu
OWA Name Badge?