Wednesday, 28 February 2018

March 6 is the first Tuesday in March

Hi everyone,

This is a quick reminder that our March meeting is fast approaching.  We'll meet on Tuesday March 6 at 7 pm.  The feature presenter will be our very own Jack Forsberg (aka @jackenglishmachines) who promises to entertain and educate on a variety of topics as only he can.  He plans to share some of the experience and wisdom he's gained through many years of custom heritage renovation and carpentry work, and vintage English power tool restoration and super-tuning.  This will be a treat!

Show & Tell is definitely on.  Maybe Q&A as well.  And there will be a very short proposal with the tantalizing title YouTube and the OWA.  As always, bring a few dollars for the 50/50, cold beverages and potential spontaneous tool swap/sales.  Dry footwear, too.

See you next week,


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