Monday, 13 November 2017

Four Points about December's Meeting on Tuesday the Fifth:

There are four things to say about December's meeting:

Christmas Social

First is that December's meeting is our Christmas Social.  Of course, by Christmas we mean a time of year, not a particular sect.  Every faith through to null-faith is welcome.  By calling it a Social, we are taking the pressure off our Program Director Rob to stage a formal show.  Instead, there will be lots of milling about and a hodgepodge of informal, spontaneous Shows-and-Tell.

Dovetail Challenge

The second thing to know is Rob couldn't keep from organizing something, so he proposes our first-ever Dovetail Challenge.  Inspired by Three-Minute Dovetail Challenges on YouTube, Rob wants anyone who is interested, experienced or novice, to take the challenge at the meeting.  Tailers will be timed, and prizes will be awarded to the nicest and to the fastest joints.  It's a BYOT -- meaning Bring Your Own Tools -- Challenge.  The boards were generously supplied by Wood Source who were quoted as saying "Sure, no problem."  Now if you'd like a little inspiration before practising, take a look at the video shown at the November meeting, and view the video cited, but not shown, at the meeting.

Show-and-Tell Theme

Number three is that December's Christmas Social, like every meeting, will have a Show-and-Tell, and like some meetings, a theme.  December's theme is the gifts you're making for this time of year.  Now maybe yours are not yet finished by the 5th of December.  No problem, bring them in nevertheless.  And if you have something off-theme, bring it in too.  For those who do not enjoy public speaking, no problem, you can just leave the items on a table for us to see.

Public Invitation

The fourth thing to know is that the public is invited to the Christmas Social  Here, take a look at this post card, of which physical copies have been spread around town.

Now we know the card says to bring it in, but you don't have to.  Just show up, we'll be happy to see you.

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