Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Great Canadian Rust Junkie Tool Fest: July 8, 2017

July 8th was another successful Great Canadian Rust Junky Fest.  With Mother nature getting the rain out of her system on Friday night, Saturday morning dawn came cloudy but no rain and as the day wore on the skies cleared and the sun shone down on the Wadkin Temple.  The volunteers and presenters were at Jack`s place early to get things ready.
By 1:00 PM, when things officially got under way, Old Solider Tool Works already had the forge cranked up to high and pounding out a hot chunk of steel which by the end of the day was transformed into a claw hammer head.
Host Jack Forsberg's welcoming greeting officially launched the fest at about 2 PM.
Vic Tesolin entertained a constant crowd while working at the bench taking rough walnut stock and making a Moxon Vise with only hand tools and sweat.
In the Wadkin Temple itself was Mark Hennebury giving a talk on woodworking joint theory using many examples from his own woodworking career.
Outside Karen McBride taught everyone all there is to know about removing rust off of your newly acquired rusty piece of equipment or tools.
There was of course some rusty machinery up for sale as well as some tools with the rust already removed for you and ready for use.
Hot dogs, drinks, and snacks became available early afternoon until Ken Dixon and his son Trevor fired up the BBQ at about 4:30 PM.  Then burgers, sausages, salads, and drinks were eagerly consumed until everyone had their fill at about 7:00 PM.
Karen Mcbride oversaw the raffle of prizes at about 5 PM.  Then Jack made his closing remarks and thanked all the volunteers and presenters.
There was lots of visiting, tool talk, and the consumption of beverages until late in the evening when those who set up tents crawled into bed.

A huge thank you to Jack Forsberg and his army of volunteers as well as the presenters and demonstrators for a fantastic day: learning, visiting with old friends, and making new ones on a sunny summer day.  Also thank you to the OWA executive for putting on the annual year end BBQ and Ken and Trevor for their mastery of the hot coals.

Until next year, when we congregate at the Temple of The Great Wadkin.

Ken Dixon,
President, OWA


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