Thursday, 4 May 2017

Questions for June's Meeting

While we had time enough for the Qs, we ran out of time for the As of May's Q&A segment.  The clipboard came back with four questions looking for answers.  So, instead of prolonging the meeting past 9 PM, we decided to post the questions here, and have an answer segment in June's meeting.  Apologies to you having to delay the answers, double apology if you cannot come to the June meeting.  And here's something else: If you want to, why not write your answer in as a comment to this post?  Heck, why not add a question if you have one in with the comments.  So, here below are the questions from May.  While we'd like answers to be based on experience, there is no restriction on who may answer.  But if you think your name holds shop-cred, feel free to sign your answer.

Question 1: If I resaw, how thick should the veneer be? What substrate would you use?

Question 2: What's a sure-fire method for getting a seamless joint between two curved faces?

Question 3: How does one dry or harden a second coat of shellac applied too thickly, such that even after due time it remains tacky?

Question 4: How do you obtain a good fit for a tenon into a mortise, particularly round tenons and mortises?

Please label your answers with the question number, especially if you're taking a stab at Number 2 or 4.

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