Sunday, 30 April 2017

Members in the Media

With apologies for belated announcements, we're pleased to note a publication by Brian Greene about Konrad Sauer in the February 2017 edition of Furniture and Cabinetmaking, roughly the United Kingdom's equivalent of Fine Woodworking.  Double congrats to Brian, a Canadian author writing about a Canadian plane maker.  Jolly well done old chap!

Double kudos to Vic Tesolin too, in print in the April 2017 issue of Good Woodworking in an article billed as "An Audience with Vic Tesolin", evidently royalty.  Quite apart from the printed word, we see his image made the cover!  Like making the cover of Vogue, no?

Now if you'd like to see even more of Vic, and I can't imagine you'd say no to that, he was dragged to the table for an interview at a recent conference held by Fine Woodworking.  Every two weeks Fine Woodworking puts out a You Tube video called Shop Talk Live.  The April 27th installment, numbered STL 136, included interviews with some well known woodworkers, and our own Vic Tesolin was among them.  Bravo again Vic!  Click the link to see the interviews.

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