Sunday, 30 April 2017

May's Meeting

If you're planning to attend May's meeting, then bring something to talk about.  In May and June, we're breaking from tradition, going republic so to speak, and turning the meeting over to the people.  In other words, instead of a long presentation on a narrow topic, the floor opens to us: we the people will take over and present whatever we want about woodworking.  Whether you're an expert with something to teach or a beginner with a problem needing advice, prepare a short something to present.

In June, along with the regular fare, we will hold elections for two offices.  The President's (Ken Dixon) and Program Director-Vice President's (Mark Allen) positions are up for renewal.  Both are important contributors to the club's welfare, so if you have any inkling that you would like to stand for election, please come forth.

As always, we will respect the premises by removing outdoor footwear.  This is especially important in nasty weather, so if it's raining or snowing, take a moment to bring some indoor footwear with you.

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