Thursday, 25 August 2016


The members of the OWA executive are saddened to learn of the accidental death of Kenneth Bowler, Mike Bowler's father, on the 17th of August.  A memorial service will be held at St. James Anglican Church, 1138 Bridge Street, Manotick, on Friday, August 26th at 4 p.m.  We extend sincere condolences to Mike, his family, and all who are are touched by this sad news.

Monday, 15 August 2016

2016-17 Season Opens on September 6 at 7 PM

Here's the first half of the letter you received from our new Secretary, Jeff Gleeson.  Evidently Paul trained him to a T, but then again Paul spoiled us to expect nothing but the best from our secretary.  Join me in welcoming Jeff.  Here below is the first half of his letter:

Greetings all,

This is a 'save the date' email to let you know that the first meeting of the 2016-17 OWA calendar will take place Tuesday September 6 at the usual location of Bethany Baptist Church.  Karen McBride will be our main presenter, showing us a technique replicating 3 dimensional parts using cold casting.  There will be no secondary talk; instead you are are encouraged to bring in updates about projects you've been working on over the summer for a larger show and tell session.  We will provide a more detailed description a week prior the meeting, as normal.

Also, you have likely received an invite to Woodworks 2016 Conference happening September 23-25 in Perth.  Just a reminder that your registration needs to be in by September 2 to receive a t-shirt, and the deadline for entries for the Wood Objects Exhibition is also September 2.

Finally, please see below for some opportunities and offers that may be of interest.

Jeff Gleeson (New) Secretary, OWA

The second half of his letter contains the special deals and purchase opportunities directed to members in good standing with the OWA.  Sure, the important information about meetings is published here, but if you're shopping for good deals on lumber and maybe the odd tool, take a second look at the email you received from Jeff.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

June Meeting of the OWA on the Seventh at Seven

Our speaker for the main presentation next week is Igor Vasilenko.  He's written his own teaser:

The presentation will be about the history, future plans, and the inspiration behind my life's master undertaking -- my own custom woodworking business.  I will show you what I learned to do and what never to do, as well as some helpful insights and tips to any woodworker seeking to use their skills for more people than just close family.

We won't have a second act because of our elections.  Any position on the Executive is open for candidates, but the one we really need to fill is Paul Mahood's, Secretary.  Paul has indicated that he will not run for another term, and we're sad to lose his valuable contribution. The presentation of the Danny Proulx Memorial Award will also be made at the June meeting.  No one knows who it will be so everyone should attend. . And of course we will have Show and Tell so people should bring out their latest efforts, and the 50-50 so bring a bucket of cash. The first Tuesday in June, that's the 7th this month, 7-9 PM, at the Bethany Baptist Church Basement.  Doors open around 6:30.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

For Sale or For the Taking

In his email sent to the members OWA Secretary Paul Mahood listed several announcements about tools or supplies that might be interesting to the membership.  In the time since that email, sent before the May meeting, there have been a couple more announcements:

From OWA member Bruce MacEachern:
I have about 48 board feet of 2 inch thick red oak for sale.  Overall, I have 6 pieces that are 2” x 8” x 6' long and I’m asking $120.00 or reasonable offer for the lot, which at 48 BF works out to be less than $3.00/BF. Email Bruce at

From T. Acton:
"We live in Chaffey's Lock and have taken down a poplar tree that is 56" in diameter.  We have cut most of it up but are wondering if you know of anyone who would be interested in the bigger pieces.  Thank you."  Email if you're interested.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Registration for Woodworks 2016 by Regular Mail

The Woodworks 2016 web site now has instructions for registration for anyone who wishes to register using regular mail and a paper cheque.  (Funny, isn't it, that mail and cheques now have to be qualified?) If you would like to be sent directly to these instructions click on Send Me to the Instructions.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Meeting Recap, May 3

About 44 people turned out for the May meeting which started off with a couple of announcements from Ken.  As the last meeting of the 2015/16 year is next month it is also time for the Executive elections.  As always all Executive spots are open but after four years our Secretary, Paul Mahood is stepping aside so we are in need of someone to fill that position.  If you would like to get more involved in what happens with your OWA, consider putting your name in for the Secretary or any of the other positions.  There was a reminder of the upcoming BBQ, so keep your eyes open for an email with more details.  Ken also mentioned that in the May issue of Furniture and Cabinet Magazine there is a profile articular written by our very own Brian Greene about our very own Karen McBride.  Congratulations to both, job well done.

George gave an update on the upcoming Woodworks Conference.  The most important thing to note is, early registration is now open for members of OWA and her sister outfit in Kingston.

Show & Tell was next with Bruce MacEchern up first.  Using slides he showed the making and some details of his version of Norm Abram's router cabinet.  Jacques Breau was next.  He showed and explained how he used a kerfing saw and hand saw to resaw some spalted Maple for a cabinet he is working on.  Rob Burch was third showing his work using a router and rub collars to make curves.

After a short break for some socializing Karen McBride was the main speaker for this evening.  Karen's topic was round drawers.  Using examples from her "Patience" wall hanging cabinet Karen walked through the process she used to make round drawers.  As Karen says, "The round drawers may look complicated but like any other drawer the building process can easily be broken down into small, manageable tasks within any makers reach."

Have a wonderful month and we will see you at the final regular meeting in June before our summer break.

Ken Dixon President, OWA.