Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Books Books Books

Hundreds of books and printed materials have come into our possession from an estate.  Our intention is to make these available to the members in good standing for a nominal fee.  The proceeds will go to the OWA Treasury.  The materials are in good condition with no mold or water damage, though obviously used.

The process to get books is as follows: Each item has a unique number.  Review this list of titles, note the numbers of the items you desire, and email the numbers to Mark Allen, our program director, at:


The items are available on a first come, first serve basis and so if you really want something, don’t wait.  OWA webmasters and I will do my best to make the list on the webpage as up to date as possible so that requests do not come in for books that are already spoken for, though it could still happen.

I (Mark) will confirm what books are available from your desired list with a price.  Once you agree to the price, I will put the books aside for you.  Books will cost $2 each and other printed materials will likely be less, depending on the condition and format; for example, a number of items are simply photocopied materials so $2 could be an unreasonable price.

Delivery: Preferred method is at the OWA meetings.  Money must be paid at the time of delivery, without exception, so the paperwork and payment to for deliveries remains simple.

Mark Allen
OWA Program Director

Here again is the link to the list of over 500 books and other printed items that have been donated to the OWA.  Clicking anywhere on these two brownish sentences will bring up the list.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Resources Revision

Our Resources page is undergoing a face lift. Instead of using it to download a Word-based document into your computer, you can now see the vendors in one big colourful table. The table could use your input, either for new local vendors or for internet sources of special tools and supplies. Are there vendors (or entire categories) you think should be added? Leave a comment on the Resources page or mention it to George at the next meeting.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

January 2017 Meeting Delayed by One Week

We normally meet on the first Tuesday of the month.  January's first Tuesday falls during school break, and that means some of us would not be able to attend.  For that reason, and thanks to the flexibility offered by Marty and by the Bethany Baptist Church, we postpone the meeting by one week to the second Tuesday, January 10, 2017.  Following meetings revert to first Tuesdays.

Kingston Wood Artisans Symposium 2017: Early Registration and Interac Repair

The fourth annual edition of the Kingston Wood Artisans Symposium is to take place in April.  Early registration is now open.  Event details and registration instructions can be found at:  https://kwoodartca.wordpress.com/special-events/2017-symposium/.  An earlier version of the site contained an error concerning payment by Interac.  The error has now been fixed.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New Source of Hardwood

New Local Wood Supplier: www.bois.biz
Antidote is an arborist company located in Gatineau, Quebec which sells some of the wood it harvests.  Ash, silver maple, sugar maple, elm, cherry, and spruce are generally available, along with other, sporadically available, species.  For pictures, videos, and stories, visit www.bois.biz.  Or contact Guillaume Duchesne by email at info@antidotearboriculture.ca or by phone at (819)503-4543.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

December 2016 Meeting Recap

As Christmas was closing in and the New Year was looming ahead about 40 people came out to our annual OWA Holiday get together.

A big thank you to all who brought in some holiday goodies as well as to the Executive who supplied cold drinks, coffee, and fruit and cheese platters.
As in past years the December meeting diverted from the usual presentation format and was just a social evening where all could talk shop, swap stories, gather new project ideas and ask questions of others.  There was a good assortment of items at Christmas Tool Sale & Swap, from books for all abilities to tools of all shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Even a few jigs were thrown in for good measure.  There was even some free stuff to be had for those quick off the mark.  At one end of the room were the Show No Tell items.  As there was no formal Show & Tell, people who wanted to bring in what they have been slaving away on, chat about their projects as people drifted by.
All in all everyone had a good time checking things out, making their wallets a little lighter, adding a few more magazines to their shelves and talking to their fellow woodies.
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season, and a Happy New Year.
See you at the January meeting.
Ken Dixon

Sunday, 30 October 2016

November 2016 Meeting Recap

For the November meeting 38 people attended to hear Jacques Breau but first Mark had some club business to talk about.

The December meeting will be our usual Christmas social.  The Executive will be supplying some food and drink and coffee.  They do ask for people to bring in some Christmas baking to help round out the festivities.  There will also be a tool sale.  If you have some tools that are collecting dust and would like to find a new home, put a price to them and bring them in.  Who knows, you may make some money to buy more tools.  This meeting will also be our Show-Don't-Tell.  We are doing away with our usual Show & Tell format and encouraging you to bring in what you have been creating in your shop.  You can lay it out for all to see but not have to get up and give a formal presentation.  We also want to see the Stocking Stuffers and Christmas presents you might be slaving away on.  Finished or not all are welcome.

Jacques Breau detailed special techniques in the construction of a wall unit, of which the main unit is a sapele and spalted maple veneered liquor cabinet.  Special techniques included a jig that cuts out matched gaps and patches of veneer.

Reversible veneered panels are clad in both sapele on one side and spalted maple on the other.

Jacques Breau was our main presenter for the evening.  His presentation "What would Karen do?" was about a series of wall cabinets and shelves and the trials and tribulations he has gone through in making one of the cabinets.  As always with Jacques it was a very insightful, funny, and educational presentation with lots of participation from the audience.  His two sliding doors were fraught with peril but the end result, as always, is a great looking piece of woodworking.

During recess we played Spot the Repair.

After the break Jacques took the stage again to give a tour through some of the woodworking related Instagram sites he follows.  He will continue to update us on the goings on with selected ones.

Mark Allen's beer tote features a bear head that opens bottles in its mouth.
To cap off the evening was Show & Tell.  Ken Dixon had a memory box that is a dry run for the actual one he is making for a client.  Gary Devries had a prototype three legged stool with a three way stretcher that was a challenge to get correct and get together.  Mark Allen had his entry into Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement magazine pallet build contest which was a beer tote.  He also had a traditional Western style hand saw that he did a simple modification on to make it into a Japanese style pull saw for resawing.

Have a safe and productive month and we will see everyone December 6.

Ken Dixon,
OWA Presiden