Sunday, 4 February 2018

Kingston Wood Artisans Symposium

The Kingston Wood Artisans are hosting a one-day symposium under the secret title "Kingston Wood Artisans Symposioum" (KWAS) on Saturday, April 7, 2018.  There is special pricing for early registration, and a web site detailing the event.  Some of our own OWA members are presenting at the KWAS.  If the link does not get you there, enter "" without the quotes into the address or search field of your browser.

Chip Carving with Bazz, first Tuesday in February

Our next meeting happens this Tuesday, February 6, at the usual time and place: 7 PM, Bethany Baptist Church.
The focus for the evening will be Chip Carving.  Chip carving can be done at the kitchen table with just a few hand tools and creates beautiful results.  There are three basic cuts: curved, triangular, and straight, that can be combined into an endless variety of designs.  Sylvain --Bazz-- Bazinet, a member of our club, will introduce you to chip carving techniques, tools, and everything you need to get started.
Bazz has been chip carving since 1997.  During the early years, Bazz took courses in chip carving and then competed in carving competitions in both Canada and the U.S.  He has enjoyed teaching chip carving at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels at the Visual Art Center in Orleans and at Lee Valley Tools for several years.
Bazz will also be contributing to the 50/50 draw instructional videos on Chip Carving and Relief Carving that his previous company created in 2001.  Come to enjoy Bazz's presentation.
Don't forgot to bring your indoor shoes, and if you wish, something for show and tell (or screw up and tell!).
See you next week,
OWA Secretary

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Second Tuesday in January

Judging from the turnout and general enthusiasm from the floor, Marty Schlosser's presentation on Dust Collection was resoundingly appreciated.  As Ken Dixon, Past President, was unable to attend, images and a report on the night's activities is not available for January's meeting.  But Marty has given us permission to post his PowerPoint presentation, making his Dust Collection slides available for downloading.  If clicking on the prior link doesn't do it, try entering "" without the quotes into a browser's address field.  Yeah, I hope the link works too.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Guess Whose Shop was Featured in a Fine Woodworking YouTube Video

Yup, Ben Strano of Fine Woodworking made the trip up to Carleton Place to visit non-other than our own Vic Tesolin's shop. The visit was videographed and published on YouTube on November 14th. Here's a link to the video if you'd like to see it.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Ken Dixon's Synopsis of December's Meeting

More than 50 people decided to kick off the holiday season by coming out to the annual OWA social.
With lots of yummy treats provided by the executive and some very talented members everyone enjoyed something to eat as well as coffee and soft drinks.
As in years past there was no structure to this year's gathering so everyone was able to move around visiting, checking out the show and tell items, making deals on that tool they have been looking for, and just generally enjoying a couple of hours talking all things woodworking.
Congratulations to Ken Dixon, this year's recipient of the Danny Proulx Award with Brian Greene making the presentation.  Ken has been an active member of the OWA since there were no more than 20 members.  He has been a member of the executive in almost all rolls including President and currently sits as Past President.  He continues to take care of the soft drinks and writes the monthly meeting summary for the website so people who can't make it to a meeting can read about what they missed.
By far what captured attention over the evening was the Dove Tail Challenge. Seven people took up the challenge which was originally to be a timed event but was changed to just a participation activity.
We missed getting a shot of Rob cutting tails, and Ken, the photographer, did not supply a selfie.  But you can see them both, Rob holding the saw prize just below, and Ken receiving the Danny Proulx Award above.  Brian's photo is below as well where we thank him for lugging in his Roubo style workbench for the challenge.
Participants had their names drawn for three prizes generously donated by Lee Valley Tools. The three winners were Lukasz Dybinski, Ron Hall, and Rob Suarez.  Lukasz left before the prizes were drawn, so Matt is standing in his place.
Congratulations guys and a special thanks to Brian Greene who brought in his fantastic work bench to be used by the participants.
Hoping you had a safe and happy holiday season and a great start to the new year.  See you at the next meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Ken Dixon's Synopsis of the November Meeting: Tuesday, 07-Nov-17

Workbenches, the name of the game for the 50 people who attended the November meeting.

For the main presentation, Rob, with the help of slides, gave a lot of great information about work benches, from their history, to all the different work holding devices, both old and new, and different accessories to be used on your shop bench. He also had his newly completed Split Top Roubo bench set up and discussed its design and advantages.

After Rob's presentation, Gary, using Rob's bench and Roger's Moxon vise, gave a demonstration on how, over the past 40 yrs, he has hand-cut through-dovetails.
After the break Jocelyn inaugurated a new feature of meetings with his Screw-up-and-Tell item. An attempt to make some pulls for drawers did not turn out as well as he had hoped. Lesson? Measure all the hole-spacings when upgrading pulls, not just the first one.
It was great to see so many people bring their Show-and-Tell items. It began with Roger and his Moxon vise, then his wonderful Kumiko latticework, small and large.

Standing behind his teaser leg vise, Dean had a slide show of the making of his split top Roubo bench.

Brian showed his Miter Jack with a bit of an explanation on how it works.

Rolf was next with his first two attempts at some veneer work. They look great, Rolf.

James sent the bench theme back a couple of millennia with his newly completed Roman bench.

George played a video of himself giving an explanation and demonstration of his adaptation of a Moxon vise. See it here:

Matt showed off his new mallet, a beautifully executed first project. Bravo Matt! ==>

And apologies to Denis for not having a photo: he permanently affixes small blocks to his hold fasts to prevent marring workpieces when they're held at the bench.

Be sure to see our separate post about December's meeting. In addition to being a social get-together, December's meeting invites the public to attend, and will feature a three minute (or longer) dovetail challenge. Details are in the post a little higher up.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tuesday October 3 Meeting Summary

Programme Director Rob Suarez opened the session with announcements, among them that photos of the meetings taken by President James Ferris will be uploaded onto Instagram under the banner of ottawa_woodworkers_association.  If you've "Shown-And-Told" be sure to sign a waiver for permission to upload your photo.

Following last month's presentation by Emil of Clarence Creek Wood Select, the October meeting featured Jim Hendry.  Jim gave a very interesting and informative talk about the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF), an organization that certifies properly managed woodlands and their products.  With the help of slides he informed us not only about the EOMF but the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).  To find out more about the EOMF visit the web site  Thanks Jim for all the great information.
There was lots of visiting during the break as well as Gary selling 50/50 tickets and people paying their yearly dues.

Jack Schwass will be giving another sharpening seminar at his place.  If you are interested in finding out what sharp really is contact Jack by email at:

After the break came Show and Tell.  Rolf showed off a chair, or, more precisely, the cardboard mock-up of what will become his chair over the next few months.  He has promised to keep us all up to date on his progress.
John was next with his cutting boards.  It was the opinion of everyone in the room that they are far too nice to be used as cutting boards.
Charles brought in his Ash bench with the top joined to the legs using large finger joints.
Dean also brought in his mock-up of his version of a Maloof chair. His mock-up rather than cardboard was made from various scraps of wood. He to will keep us in the know of his progress.
Mark had a couple of Beer totes to show. One not so well designed as it didn't fit bottles very well and cans not at all. The second one works much better.
He also made a dust pan to help in the clean up of all the dust he is making in his shop now that he has a Rikon jointer-planer.  Or was that for the bottle caps?
George had his latest LED reading lamp to show us.  Powered by rechargeable batteries and turning it on/off by touching the hinge at the back it truly is something that enlightened us all. George has an eight-part series on You Tube on the lamp's construction including detailed background on the electronics and bent-wood lamination.  The link to his channel is in the sidebar.
Finally to wrap up the evening Ken showed the storage box he made to keep his diamond sharping stones and jig safe, in one place and dust free.
Safe woodworking and we will see you November 7th.
Ken Dixon